Sunday, August 8, 2010

[Spread] Black Tahini Hummus

I am not too sure how familiar does the word 'hummus' sound to you, but this popular Lebanese spread certainly did not sound familiar to me before I discovered how delicious it tastes with pita bread when I tried it at Marmalade, Bangsar. So I attempted to come up with my very own Black Tahini Hummus

Tahini is one of the main ingredients in hummus. To keep it simple and comfortable to the ear, it is actually sesame seed paste. So before I started making the hummus, I prepared my own Tahini by simply blending 3 tablespoons of black sesame seeds with a tablespoon of olive oil in a food blender.

Ingredients for Hummus (makes approx. 18oz):

- 300 gm Garbanzo beans (chic peas)
- Tahini (made from 3 tbs black sesame seeds)
- Juice from 1 lemon
- 5 garlic cloves

- 3 tbs olive oil

- Drinking water (personal preference)
- Salt & Pepper (personal preference)

1) Firstly, soak Garbanzo beans in filtered water for at least 6 hours.
2) Boil the beans in water until soft enough to mash.
3) Mash the beans while mixing in lemon juice, oil and salt.
4) Combine Tahini and blend everything in a food blender. Add drinking water a little by little to ease blending. Add more if you would like a softer, mushier texture.
5) Pour everything into an empty glass bottle OR garnish with some parsley to be served on the spot.

Voila! =)


  1. Hey...i find that it goes well with bread as well...hummus sandwich...yum yum, more supply needed