Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Skin Problems?

A couple of weeks back, I slapped on a SK-II hydrating mask on my face before going to bed one night. I woke up from my sleep in the morning with chapped and flaky skin around my upper lip. I then proceeded using a lot of lip balm thinking my lips were dry until the point where the flakes started spreading. It was horrendous, I literally had to hide myself in my room because I was so embarrassed, plus my skin was so itchy and dry! *grr stupid RM49 mask*

My friend from church who is also a doctor advised me to purchase steroid cream for rashes from a Pharmacy and apply it on my skin allergy area. He also mentioned that it may take about a month to heal. At that point of time I was literally screaming &*(#)@&*)^$*@&*)$^@#*)$^@#&!!! I didn't have a choice and so I bought Hydrocortisone and started applying it on the infected area.

However, on that evening itself, my relative recommended a skin lotion by Melaleuca on my face. It's an eco-friendly product given it's 100% chemical-free nature and not forgetting the bottle is made from corn which makes it biodegradable (we're using eco-friendly & chemical-free household products at home now which is a really good start)

Guess what? My rashes disappeared in 2 days! =DDD

Not only that, I decided to throw away all my skincare products and rely on this lotion entirely. My skin feels so much better now, just like a baby's! Highly recommend it.

Renew, by Melaleuca

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